Seeing with the Soul

Hi Everyone! That’s me, Caszie. At least, its part of me. I don’t normally wear make-up like that. Only on days that end in “y”. And at Christmas.

Welcome to It Must Be Told! My webiste and blog are dedicated to my three mantras of living outside "The Box": Live Simply, Love Unconditionally, and Always Follow your Dreams.

What is "The Box", you ask. Well, let me explain: "The Box" is that horrible little space where you feel trapped, where you aren't living the life you want, where you cater to social dictatorships, and where you aren't your true self.

I encourage you to break out of "The Box". To find yourself. To live simply, love unconditionally, and to always follow your dreams.

Where did this thinking all begin? Well, my blog started as medium where I could share my journey with PCOS – polycystic ovarian syndrome. I think the syndrome is “beatable” and I refused to let it control my life and ruin my view of myself. I’m now 23 years old and I’ve decided to take my health care into my own hands. I’ve stopped taking synthetic medications and I’m dedicated to beating this syndrome in the most natural way possible. I’m trying to balance my hormones without popping pills, just by LIVING SIMPLY.

As for the rest of me and this website/blog, I’m your typically abnormal gal. I travel as often as I can; my goal is to walk through every country in the world…I’m at fifteen and counting. That's where the DREAMING part comes in. A part of finding your true self is allowing yourself to dream and to pursue those dreams.

I'm also a writer…writing is my passion. I’m currently at work on my second manuscript and I’m wildly filling many notebooks, trying to get the fourth draft finished. Basically, I make things up and call it reality…a female variation on Marcel Duchamp, if you will…my imagination is my art. And that is enough. Some of my writing adventures will be posted on this blog - otherwise you can check out the project section for more info.

As for LOVING UNCONDITIONALLY - well, that's the key to life as I see it. Without love, we are nothing. And so, in order to Live simply, in order to Follow your Dreams, you've got to love .

So, here’s to embracing life, taking the challenges as they come, and perceiving the beauty within each moment…


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