Working Title: Redeeming Blood

Status: Free Write (Check it out on my blog)

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Spiel:Tara Morgan has been obsessed with finding her sister's killer ever since her mysterious death five years earlier. She's convinced The Devil, a serial killer once active in the Doren City area, is at fault. The trail, however, grew cold several months into the investigation, which left Tara longing for answers. When Tara hears about several recent murders that occured to women of a similar height and build as Tara's sister, Tara is certain The Devil is back and it's up to her to hunt him down. Little does she know, her name's on his list.

Working Title: Feast of Souls

Status: Fourth Draft

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Spiel: It's finally graduation day, the moment Cheney Monroe has longed for her whole life . She's to leave to explore the to escape her mother's pressure to "do something useful" with her life. That is until she gets attacked and chased by a man dressed in black. Cheney runs for her life, sprinting straight into Elvere, a magical world where an invisible poison infects the air, threatening to destroy every living being. Cheney can help. She just doesn't know it yet. However, it may just cost her her soul.